Private Sessions:

Individual Yoga Instruction (Asana) with Pranayama (breathwork):

Begin or fine tune your Hatha Yoga practice one-on-one. Each session will be individually crafted to meet you where you are in your practice (and stage of life). I use a practical, safe approach with precision to alignment, breath and energy. Private yoga sessions may be right for you if:  you feel intimidated going to a group class, want to work on specific postures, want an individualized asana practice to address an injury or condition, or desire to advance your practice and be introduced to the deeper teachings of yoga. Yoga relieves stress,  shapes and builds vital life force energy and calms and brings focus to the mind.  

Yoga Nidra Session:

Yoga Nidra is an ancient healing practice. Each Yoga Nidra session induces a feeling of deep relaxation while bringing the student's state of mind somewhere in between conscious and unconscious. It simultaneously relieves threefold tensions: physical, mental and emotional. It does not require any skill level as it's a completely supine, guided practice. Yoga Nidra is a practice of letting go and a practice of setting intention and resolve. It heals, restores and is a venue for planting seeds of transformation. 


Using ancient teachings and techniques handed down, I help students begin or enrich their own personal meditation practice. In the tradition of the Himalayan Masters, essential tools of mantra, kriya and visualization are used. Sitting position, proper posture and ritual of meditation are taught and re-visited as well. Pranayama (breathwork) is given to lead each student into a deeper state of Dhyana (Meditation) and possibly moments of complete Samadhi (Bliss). 


Yogic Lifestyle consult through the lens of Ayurveda, one of the world’s oldest holistic medicinal systems. Want to bring the yogic and ayurvedic lifestyle into your everyday life? In this session, I'll assess Dosha (mind-body type) and give recommendations for asana and self-care practices. Learn More

Reiki Energy Healing: 

Reiki is a pure form of universal energy and consciousness. It has the ability to heal, balance and establish a perfect, natural state of well being. This session is excellent for anyone needing healing, clarity and overall enhanced well-being.  This energy work often works when nothing else will. It’s magic in a way, because it helps initiate the person’s own healing response.  It compliments other wellness services perfectly. I LOVE Reiki! Learn More

Private sessions by appointment. 

Book via email: keely@keelytotten.com or call (626)841-2050. 


Rates: Single Session / $100 /hr

Five Sessions / $450 ($90 per hr)

Ten Sessions / $800 ($80 per hr)

*Purchased sessions can be used for any private services that I offer. 

Private bookings  include Corporate Yoga Classes, Special Events and Individualized Private Group Classes.  Contact me for pricing on special events. 

Location: Surya Yoga Shala in Sierra Madre, CA. 

keely@keelytotten.com or call (626)841-2050. 

(Cash, Venmo or Card via Paypal, or Square)

Other private group classes are available too. Contact me personally for details! 

Weekly Classes have moved to KULE Yoga & Ayurveda


How does yoga make the world a better place exactly? 

The short answer is awareness and compassion. What I love about yoga is its complete, dynamic approach to living. The yogic path that creates this awareness and compassion is comprised of many workable parts. We’ve got the physical practice for optimum health and function. Prayers and Mantras serve as medicine for the mind and the meditation practices cleanse, grow and sustain our spiritual condition. The practice as a whole is unique because it’s completely individual. We each have our own experience, gain insights and progress at our own pace. 

One of the greatest benefits of yoga --which countless students report-- is an increased feeling of self-acceptance and self-love. It’s the foundation from which we grow, transform and heal.  Imagine if each yogi cultivated awareness of themselves (physical, mental, their energy, and their choices) and also cultivated compassion for themselves. The world would, and DOES transform. It’s just an organic cause and effect. 

When we treat ourselves with love and high regard, we act better and we are able to give more and see and empathize with our fellow brothers and sisters. One good act leads to another and, when we make a mistake and take responsibility in a graceful way, people are inspired by that. It’s in embracing our humanness with careful, thoughtful awareness that the world begins to respond. There is a starting place for each one of us on the path. Give your body a little love and spend some time in your practice. You never know who you may inspire.  

~Keely Totten, 5/21/17


In the end, yoga for me is all about three things: more joy; being able to collect your capacity so you can have more of what you want in real terms; and ultimately - this may be the most important of it all - less fear.
— Yogarupa Rod Stryker