Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga. Together, the two make a dynamic combo supporting optimal physical health and spiritual enlightenment. 

Ayur means Life.  Veda means Knowledge. We define Ayurveda as “Knowledge of Life” or “Science of Life”. 

Over 5000 years old, Ayurveda is an ancient traditional holistic medicinal system that unites body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda tells us that ultimately, every person has the ability to return to Svastha, or perfect health. It's a peaceful, comfortable state of body and mind. Think of it as being closest to our original state before the elements began to be stirred about within us. 

So, what's your Dosha? The word Dosha means "that which falls out of balance" or some would say, "defect".  Derived from Samkhya Philosophy, the Doshas are made of the five elements, Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth and the qualities within each element. Each of the elements are present in each one of us --to varying degrees --and made up our individual constitution. By knowing our constitution or mind-body type, we gain awareness and are able to access the tools and lifestyle practices to achieve health and balance in our lives.

There are three Doshas (mind-body type):

Vata -  Pitta -  Kapha

Which one sounds like you? It's likely that you have a primary dosha and a close secondary. 

VATA (Air + Ether) : Thin Frame, Dry Skin, Variable Appetite, Prone to Gas, Fluctuating Moods, Light Sleeper, Creative, Free Thinker, Impulsive, Overwhelmed

PITTA (Fire + Water): Medium Frame, Athletic Build, Prone to Acid Indigestion, Very Focused, Project Oriented, Prone to Anger, Adventurous, Intense

KAPHA (Water + Earth): Thicker/Larger Frame, Soft, Rounded Features, Physically Healthy, Good Stamina, Prone to Melancholy, Heavy Sleeper, Quiet, "Solid as a Rock" 

In restoring balance and preventing disease, Ayurveda always leads us back to digestion and healthy maintenance of our digestive fire, or agni. 


Here are five Healthy Eating Guidelines to improve digestion and health: 

1. Eat while sitting down and undistracted. 

2. Say grace and give thanks for the food. 

3. Eat (try) until 75% full. Allow a little room for the digestive fire to do its work. 

4. Eat organic, freshly cooked foods as much possible. 

5. Don't eat too much, too late. Try to finish eating by 7pm. 

There are MANY more recommendations - but these are a few of my favorites.

Which...I found to be effective for healthy digestion, elimination and overall enjoyment of food. 

Please contact me if you'd like to LEARN MORE and discover how it can improve your health. 

The heart is a gate-less gate to divinity. Move to the heart. We are all hung up, stuck in the head - that is our problem. The only problem is that we think too much. There is only one solution - get down from the head to the heart. All your problems will disappear. Problems are created by the head. The heart is innocent. The heart is a fountain of love.
— Vasant Lad